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Heparin Biotin: Heparin labeled with biotin. (purity: >95% powder; degree of substitution: 5 mol % biotin labeling).


Heparin Biotin, MW 18 kDa


$600/50mg $1,050/100mg

Heparin Rhodamine, Heparin labeled with rhodamine, purity: >95% powder; degree of substitution: 5 mol % dye labeling.


Heparin Rhodamine, MW 18 kDa


$600/50mg $1,050/100mg

Heparin Fluorescein , Heparin labeled with fluorescein, purity: >95% powder; degree of substitution: 5 mol % dye labeling.


Heparin Fluorescein, MW 18 kDa


$600/50mg $1,050/100mg

Customerized heparin modification service available with various fluroescent dyes as well as different MW or dye labeling ratio.

Rhodamine structure: the rhodamine used in all of polysaccharide products is 5/6-carboxy-tetramethyl- rhodamine, (5/6-TAMRA), excitation wavelength at 552 nm and emission wavelength at 575 nm, and extinction coefficient of >80,000/M cm.

Dye or biotin labeling: x mol % labeling means that x% of monomers (i.e. saccharides) in the polymer is labeled.

Storage instructions: desiccated at -20C, protect from moisture and light, use only fresh solutions.

Creative PEGWorks also provides custom synthesis on derivatives of hyaluronic acid, chitosan, heparin, chondroitin sulfate, dextran and alginic acid. We also synthesize double dye-labeled polysaccharides e.g. hyaluronic acid labeled with both fluorescein and rhodamine. Please send E-mail to services@creativepegworks.com for more information.


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