Functionalized PLA

Catalog No.Product name & molecular weight
Reactive PLA (Polylactic acid)
PE-301 Reactive PLA, Custom order
PLA-Amine (PLA with terminal amine group)
PE-311 PLA-Amine, MW 17-20k
PE-312 PLA-Amine, MW 7k
PLA-NHS (PLA with NHS Ester group)
PE-321 PLA-NHS, MW 7k
PE-322 PLA-NHS, MW 20k
PE-331 PLA-Azide, MW 20k
PE-332 PLA-Azide, MW 7k
PE-341 PLA-Acrylate, MW 7k
PE-342 PLA-Acrylate, MW 20k
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