Catalog No. : HA-316
Product Name : Hyaluronate Aldehyde, MW 1,500k
Description :

Hyaluronic Acid is functionalized with aldehyde groups. Purity: >95% powder. Degree of substitution (DoS): 5 mol %; unless specifically noted in the catalog number. For example, HA-312-50% means that the DoS for aldehyde with HA MW 50k is 50%. HA-Aldehyde with lower or higher aldehyde substitution ratio (e.g. 1% and 10%) may be offered through custom synthesis service.

The aldehyde substitution or labeling ratio is the percentage of HA disaccharide monomers that are functionalized with aldehyde groups. You may calculate the number of aldehyde by 1) dividing the MW of HA by the MW of one disaccharide monomer to derive the number of disaccharide monomers in HA; 2) then multiple the number of disaccharide monomers by the labeling ratio to get the number of aldehyde in each HA polymer.


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