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Product Name : mPEG-Vinyl Pyridinium, Custom Synthesis
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mPEG Vinyl Pyridinium (mPEG-VIP): PEG-Vinyl Pyridinium (PEG-VIP) reagents are a new class of thiol-selective PEGylation tools, and it offers an efficient and irreversible cysteine-selective bioconjugation method. The thiol selectivity and reactivity of the vinyl group is enabled by the quaternization of the nitrogen of the pyridine group, making the vinyl pyridinium an extremely reactive electrophile towards thiols. Importantly, the conjugates formed are resistant towards thiol exchange reactions or degradation. The typical PEG-maleimide-thiol reaction results in thiosuccinimide formation which is reversible, with PEG-maleimide elimination occurring slowly under biologically relevant conditions. The reversed reaction leads to the breakage of the maleimide-thiol linkage and the loss of PEG from the thiol/cysteine-containing molecules. If the maleimide-thiol chemistry does not work for your application, you may consider PEG-Vinyl Pyridinium (PEG-VIP) reagents as an improved alternative to PEG-maleimide.

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8-Arm PEG-VIP.


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