Catalog No. : PSB-849
Product Name : 8-Arm PEG-SG, MW 40k
Description :

8-Arm PEG-SG is a multiarm PEG derivative with succinimidyl NHS ester groups at each terminal of the eight arms connected to one hexaglycerol core. PEG-SG (succinimidyl glutarate ester) is one type of PEG-NHS reagents. There is a C3 hydrocarbon ester linkage between PEG and the NHS ester. More details can be found at the FAQ webpage.


1. Hyperbranched PEG-based multi-NHS polymer and bioconjugation with BSA, Polym. Chem., 2017,8, 1283-1287, Text.

2. In situ-forming collagen hydrogel crosslinked via multi-functional PEG as a matrix therapy for corneal defects, Scientific Reports volume 10, 16671 (2020), Text

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