Catalog No. : PSB-2607
Product Name : mPEG-Carbonylacrylic, MW 40k
Description :

mPEG-Carbonylacrylic (mPEG-CA): Carbonylacrylic (CA) PEG reagents are for chemoselective cysteine bioconjugation and undergo rapid thiol Michael-addition under biocompatible conditions in stoichiometric amounts. Importantly, the conjugates formed between Carbonylacrylic PEG and thiol/cysteine-containing molecules are resistant to degradation in physiological conditions. The typical PEG-maleimide-thiol reaction results in thiosuccinimide formation which is reversible, with PEG-maleimide elimination occurring slowly under biologically relevant conditions. The reversed reaction leads to the breakage of the maleimide-thiol linkage and the loss of PEG from the thiol/cysteine-containing molecules. If the maleimide-thiol chemistry does not work for your application, you may consider Carbonylacrylic PEG reagents as an improved alternative to PEG-maleimide.

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4-Arm PEG-CA

8-Arm PEG-CA


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