Catalog No. : PSB-2402
Product Name : mPEG-Phosphate, MW 2k
Description :

PEG-Phosphate is used to PEGylate metal oxide particles and surfaces to form stable monolayer protection. The strong binding properties of organophosphorus molecules to metal oxides result from the creation of a stable M–O–P structure via phosphate–metal coordinative interactions. Phosphate-based coupling agents form self-assembled monolayer on the surface of metal oxide nanoparticles such as iron oxide, superparamagnetic particles and upconverting and down-conversion nanoparticles to form thermodynamically stable dispersion. Phosphoric acid is symmetrically bonded through its two or three oxygen atoms via bidentate or tridentate M–O–P coordination bonds, resulting in a stronger bridging geometry than monodentate bonding. Bifunctional PEG phosphate reagents are provide via custom synthesis service.

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