Catalog No. : PSB-3381
Product Name : Silane-PEG-Silane, MW 1k
Description :

Silane-PEG-silane is a linear bifunctional PEG with two reactive tri-ethoxy silane groups. Silane-PEG-silane with tri-methoxy silane is offered through custom synthesis. Silane PEG is often used to PEGylate glass and hydroxylated surfaces and particles.


1. A matrigel-free method to generate matured human cerebral organoids using 3D-Printed microwell arrays, Bioactive Materials Volume 6, Issue 4, 2021, Pages 1130-1139, Text.

2. High-efficacy subcellular micropatterning of proteins using fibrinogen anchors, J Cell Biol (2021) 220 (2): e202009063, Text.

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